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As the 2018 social season is quickly coming to an end, I’d like to update you on the progress of Palm Beach Island Cats (PBIC), our current work and some plans we have for the future.

This past season we launched a new awareness campaign: Protect Our Island Life! PBIC works 365 days a year to ensure we do just that. Serving Palm Beach, we work to trap, neuter and return (TNR), microchip, vaccinate and provide medical care to our Island’s 550 community cats. We provide them with nightly feedings and fresh water and respond to cat concerns of our residents.


Specifically, in 2017 we TNR’ed 34 cats, medically treated 89, revaccinated 17, fostered and adopted out 15 kittens and had 14 cats pass away. We fed over 68,000 cans of wet food and 11,000 lbs. of dry food! (Pleased that our current and consistent later night feeding has led to the cats being much less visible during the daytime, which is safer for the cats and better for the residents.) We also responded to 1,300+ resident phone calls.


We enjoyed the success of two wonderful fund-raising events: The Cat’s Meow Ball in January and our debut Spring Soiree’ in March. I thank all of you who supported those two events. Without their success we could not carry out our work. Next season’s Cat’s Meow Ball will be Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at the Sailfish Club in Palm Beach. Hope to see you there!


Our long time field director, Wink Barber, has moved and is now a social worker. Wink’s replacement is Patricia Kinion who is doing stellar work in this difficult position.


Sadly, we continue to have pet cats abandoned, and often they are pregnant. This winter we were fortunate to be alerted to a small kitten left at the foot of the north bridge with a little bowl of food. Luckily, we saved him. We need help fostering these dumped pets. They just want to be inside and don’t do well on the streets. Please call us if you can help with fostering.


We can also use your help when it comes to kittens: If you “See something – Say something”. If you see young kittens please call us immediately! It is important that we find them when they are young so we can foster them and get them adopted into homes. Equally important is to ensure their mother is spayed to prevent future generations.


Not sure if a community cat has been neutered? Just look at its left ear. If it is tipped, that’s the universal sign that the cat has been neutered.


Our program is stable and remains one of the most successful in the country. As we continue to learn, we work to improve. Recently we’ve provided written guidelines for trapping and enlisted the help of a part time bookkeeper. Our feeding stations have been redesigned. They are now less costly, more efficient and effective.


Not long ago, our Island’s community cats were a source of resident’s complaints. They were regarded as a nuisance and a threat to public health. Today, I’m thrilled that our work has rendered the cats barely visible. Their vaccinations are in check, and we’ve reduced their reproductive rates to near zero!


PBIC is committed to protecting our Island Life… for our residents and our community cats!


Thank you, as only through your support can we continue,






David Leavitt


President, Palm Beach Island Cats




P.S. For our seasonal residents who feed outdoor cats, we are happy to feed them until you return. Just give us a call! 561-800-4725