Feed Me

Palm Beach's Community Cat Caretaker.

Dear Friend,


We’re Palm Beach Island Cats, and we take care of our Island’s 470 community cats. Because of how well we do what we do, our work

is invisible and sadly easily overlooked. We hope you will not forget what PBIC does and how it contributes to the quality of life in Palm

Beach. It is only through your help that we are able to care for and control the Town’s cat population. Feeding and providing water to

the cats every night, routine and emergency medical care, kitten domestication and responding to resident’s concerns runs $240,000

a year.


Let me take you back to yesteryear, prior to Palm Beach Island Cats’ involvement with the cats:

• The cat population wandered the town freely and was not contained in colonies.

• Diners were accosted as they left local restaurants with food by hungry cats.

• Businesses and residents had to secure their property and garbage from the cats.

• The screams of mating cats fighting woke us up.

• The cat population continually grew.


I’m pleased to be the bearer of great news concerning our community cat population:

• This kitten season Palm Beach Island Cats (PBIC) had only 33 kittens born from our 470 adult cats, and they were all socialized

and adopted into homes.

• We use high quality food and feed and water nightly, rain or shine.

• We used 6,720 lbs. of dry food and 57,626 cans of wet food.

• We revaccinated 139 cats this year.

• Virtually all cats have been neutered, leading to peaceful nights in our neighborhoods.

• Cats are largely invisible due to our late-night feeding.

• Island Cats has successfully cared for our cats for 10 years.

• We have tested an improved feeding enclosure and they are now deployed to keep the food dry.

• Our new wireless drop trap is invaluable for use with hard to trap cats.

• The GPS tracker in our feeder’s car is an assurance that we never miss a night’s rounds.

Sadly we face pet cats being dumped here. Currently we have someone’s house cat who was abandoned while pregnant. Her kittens

have been adopted, but we still have sweet mom in need of a home and we hope someone is looking for a companion.


This year’s gLitter Box Pawty will be at the Sailfish Club on January 28th. Donna Long is our Chair, Honorary Chairs are Herb and Eva

Jacobi. It will be a fun night and our first having Bruce Sutka doing the decorations. Please consider gala sponsorship and underwriting

(enclosed are the 2020 sponsorship and underwriting opportunities). Why not extend an invitation to some friends to join you this

year? Note that dress will be Palm Beach Cocktail Attire. Please attend and join us for a fun night of dining, dancing and socializing

with friends!

Remember, we rely on your donations to keep us going and they are essential for our continued success. We receive no taxpayer

funds, except for a token $100 from the Town of Palm Beach. Thank you for your support because without you, there would be no us.

Sincerely yours,

David Leavitt